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Hotel Luxe Element

  • There's nothing that quite says "vacation" like an infinity pool. 😎 We're crushing on this one with a view of the Aegean Sea in Santorini. What else says "vacation" to you? (📷: @rauljichici 📍: Charisma Suites - Santorini, Greece)
  • Ever wanted to sleep next to — or maybe just close to — a tiger? The luxurious Nahargarh Hotel in Rajasthan is only a few yards from Ranthambhore National Park, famed for its incredible wildlife and frequent tiger spottings. Tag who you'd stay here with! (📷: @bucketlistbums 📍: Nahargarh Hotel - India)
  • Heated outdoor pools, rugged mountains, grassy hills, peaceful lakes, and perfect sunsets? If you need us, we'll be at the spa at Hotel Villa Honegg! Tag who you'd love to take here. (📷: @voyage_provocateur 📍: Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland)
  • Straight out of bed and straight into a cool morning swim — now that's our kind of vacation. Tag all of your pool-loving pals! (📷: @ninjarod 📍: Sri Panwa - Phuket, Thailand)
  • Rich in diverse experiences, a visit to Dubai offers travelers the chance to adventure through its deserts, relax on its golf shores, and experience infinite activities downtown in its bustling metropolis — like at waterfront sanctuary of the Palace Downtown Dubai. This unique luxury hotel provides guests with the best of both worlds — play and tranquility — with rooms and suites featuring sophisticated décor and private balconies, a palm-tree-lined pool to relax by, and exquisite bars and dining options, including Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialties. Travel tip: End the day with an evening out at the waterside outdoor lounge and bar or by unwinding at the hotel's elegantly decorated spa. In partnership with (📍: Palace Downton Dubai)
  • In need of a relaxing (and romantic) vacay? Next stop, Phulay Bay. Lose track of time at this luxurious hideaway and fill your day with beach strolls, jungle hikes, and evening swims — it sounds heavenly because it is. (📷: @pvollert 📍: Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve - Thailand)